A hardcoated surface, clear or dyed, provides a durable surface that can withstand numerous operating conditions and provides a cosmetically pleasing finish. The natural coating color is dark grey to dark brown depending on alloy, however it can be colored for identification. This coating provides excellent corrosion, abrasion and wear resistance.

Common Specifications

MIL A 8625 Type III Class 1 (Clear)

MIL A 8625 Type III Class 2 (Dyed)

RoHS, REACH, ELV and WEEE compliant


0.0016”- 0.0024” Standard

Working Dimensions

56”L x 34”W X 38”D

Key Coating Characteristics

Abrasion Resistance

Wear Resistance

Corrosion Resistance (salt Spray minimum 336 hours to Spec)

Dielectric Properties